eLearning in Africa
eLearning in Africa
A continent of opportunity and challenge.
Responsive eLearning Design
eLearning - Anytime.
Responsive eLearning design for Africa.
Information Technology
Empowering your business
An innovative approach to business intelligence.
Integrated engineering solutions
Integrated engineering solutions
Trust our accredited and experienced team.

Areas of expertise

  • Talent Planning

    Talent Planning

    Practically, Talent Planning is about creating and nurturing an organisation’s healthy Bench Strength by looking at…

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  • mLearning & mEnablement

    mLearning & mEnablement

    Learning technologies has rapidly evolved and is currently one of the most rapidly transforming environments within…

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  • Custom eLearning

    Custom eLearning

    We create engaging learning interventions and courses using interactivities, branching scenarios, multimedia, and…

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  • Engineering Project Organisation

    Engineering Project Organisation

    Our Engineering and Project Management teams maintain a focus on providing competitive technologies, to implement an…

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  • Information Technology

    Information Technology

    Expanding and managing reporting at an enterprise requires a different approach than traditional Business Intelligence…

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  • Medical solutions

    Medical solutions

    Our organization is guided by the belief that we are responsible for satisfying the three fundamental healthcare needs…

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Eight Senses Technologies & Consulting offers a comprehensive catalogue of courses for various business environments. Whatever your business need, your organisation will expect you to have a direct influence on key strategic business indicators, create and build business acumen whilst maintaining bench-strength and a pool of skilled and competent resources.